Information for High School Student

A career in the health sciences is one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers available today. Students who plan on entering one of the many professional health care programs at a Canadian university (optometry, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, etc.) should plan on taking a full high school course load that includes English, Pure Math, Social Studies and all three sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). Although, courses in Communication, Computing Science and Calculus are not required, the addition of these courses are recommended to better prepare students for the rigorous workload demanded in an university based health science program.

The remainder of your high school course load should include subjects that will introduce you to other disciplines such as a second language, music, philosophy and business that you may find interesting and challenging enough to pursue at a higher level at university.

The reason for including all of the above courses is also to give you the broadest background of pre-requisite courses to be able to enter any faculty at any Canadian University. Please remember that most institutions also have a minimum high school final grade requirement (usually around 70% to 80%).

As a final preparation, we also suggest that all high school students attempt to spend some time visiting, volunteering or working at various professional offices in order to get a better understanding and appreciation for your future career.

As your high school teachers and counselors have already told you, the perfect career is the one that you look forward to going to on a Monday morning.