To be a global leader in the regulation of optometrists in the best interests of the public.


FORAC is the federation of the Canadian optometric regulatory and licensing bodies dedicated to facilitating discussion, exchanging information, providing a national voice and communicating with others about legislation, registration, standards of practice, continuing competence and any other issues related to the health care system that includes the profession of optometry.


FORAC’s members have the duty to administer applicable provincial and federal legislation in the public interest. Our integrity is demonstrated by ethical conduct, fairness, openness and accountability. Through leadership, innovation and cooperation with other health care organizations, FORAC is dedicated to the provision of quality health care services by competent and compassionate optometrists.

FORAC is the national voice of provincial optometric regulatory bodies; however, recognizing that provincial differences in scope of practice regulation, registration requirements and other issues exist, none of FORAC’s recommendations, resolutions or actions is construed as binding on any of its members.

FORAC ‘s constitution and governance structure are evolving in order to assist its members to best serve the public interest and regulate the profession of optometry.